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1958. The branch of all-Union scientific research and design Institute of mechanical processing of minerals "Mekhanobr".

1966. State research and design Institute for the enrichment of ores of non-ferrous metals "Kazmekhanobr".

1992. The Institute was transferred to the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of the RK as an umbrella organization for the environment.

1998. The Association transferred to the Ministry of science - Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan.

1999. Became part of the RSE "NC CPMS RK Ministry of science and higher education of Kazakhstan.

2000. Affiliated state enterprise RSE "NC CPMS RK".

2012. The branch of RSE "NC CPMS RK" GNOME "Kazmekhanobr".

          The origins of organizations fall on October 30, 1958, when order No. 585 of the State planning Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers in Alma-ATA was established "Kazmekhanobr" as a branch of the all-Union scientific research and design Institute of mechanical processing of minerals "Mekhanobr".

          In connection with the development of mining and metallurgical industry in the Kazakh SSR and the need for a large amount of research, planning and design works in the field of ore dressing of ferrous, nonferrous and rare metals, September 16, 1966 by decree No. 565 of the Ministry of nonferrous metallurgy of the USSR, the Kazakh branch of the "Mekhanobr" Institute was reorganized into the State scientific-research and design Institute for the enrichment of ores of non-ferrous metals "Kazmekhanobr", with the performance of his functions:

- Research in the field of enrichment of ores of non-ferrous metals deposits of Kazakhstan and Central Asia;
- The development of methods and means of treatment of industrial wastewater enterprises of nonferrous metallurgy;
- Develop methods to improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment plants and tail farms and processing factories;
- Development of methods, tools and systems of complex mechanization and automation of the processes of enrichment enrichment plants nonferrous metallurgy;
- Feasibility studies in the field of non-ferrous ores enrichment of Kazakhstan and Central Asia;
- Design of processing plants of Kazakhstan and Central Asia;
- The design of the tail farms and wastewater treatment facilities of the enterprises of nonferrous metallurgy.

          The company has many years of significant experience in the development and design of highly efficient enrichment of polymetallic and gold-bearing ores, environmental protection and rational nature management, clean drinking water and sewage and water recycling enterprises in various sectors. "Kazmekhanobr" has a strong working relationship with partners and customers near and far abroad countries such as: Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, China, Mongolia, Italy, Finland, Australia, USA).

          At the present time "Kazmekhanobr" scientific-production Association, including research and design parts, special design Bureau for design of equipment and instruments, pilot plant, equipped with modern equipment, highly skilled personnel.

          This allows a short time to create projects and the development of appropriate international standards. Important role in formation and development of kazmekhanobr is developed made of the people who led it.

Over the years, the Directors "Kazmekhanobr" were:

Revazishvili Boris Ivanovich, doctor of technical Sciences - 1958-1967.
Shelestov Mikhail Sergeevich, Ph.D. - 1967-1969.
Svyadosch Yuri Nikolaevich, Ph.D. - 1969-1985.
Popov Gennady Semenovich, Ph.D. - 1985-1992.
Klets Alexander Nikolaevich, doctor of technical Sciences, academician of the Urals multicomponent ore - 1992-2013,

Since February 2013, the Association is led by, associate Professor of Shalgimbayev Serikbol Tleulesovich.