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     In the field of mineral processing, water purification of domestic and industrial water, environmental protection, rational use of nature to get to a qualitatively new stage production Association Kazmekhanobr has developed new technologies that are implemented in projects, installations and devices, widely used in industry.

     Technology of heap leaching of gold from poor gold-bearing ore and industrial raw materials. Technology for recovery of gold from solutions using ion-exchange resins and activated carbons: Janan, Mukur, Suzdal, Miyaly, Mizek, mine, Komorowski, Bestobe, Uzboi.

     High-performance technology desorption of gold and regeneration of the ion exchange resin is carried out in one device:

  • ZIP CJSC GRK Altyn-Tobe;
  • Plant Dore LLP GRK Andas-Altyn;
  • JSC Semgeo mine Balajal;
  • Plant Dore LLP JV Saga Creek gold company;
  • Vasilkovsky GOK;
  • ASI Plant, China.

     Electrowinning of gold from acidic solutions of thiourea using cheap anodes instead of expensive platinum anodes:

  • ASI Plant, China;
  • ZIP CJSC GRK Altyn-Tobe;
  • Plant Dore LLP GRK Andas-Altyn;
  • JSC Semgeo;
  • Vasilkovsky GOK;
  • Makarska GCP, Kyrgyzstan.

     Technology of processing of iron ore "Kenobe":

  • LLP Orken;
  • JSC Ispat-Karmet.

     Technology of processing of copper-lead-zinc-gold-bearing pyrite ore "Rubtsovsk":

  • JSC Russian mining company, Russian Federation.

     Working designs on objects of different enterprises and their technical support:

  • DRА International (South Africa);
  • Mechel (Russia);
  • Cogema (France);
  • Gold of China Corporation (PRC);
  • Imabe-Ibérica (Spain);
  • Desmet Ballestra s.p.a. (Italy);
  • Soyuz (Russia);
  • Baran Engineering (Israel);
  • LLP Altyn-TET;
  • Oriel Recourses (UK);
  • LLP SKZ-U.