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The first in Kazakhstan sulfuric acid plantin the Zhanakorgan district of Kyzylorda region.
General designer is "Kazmekhanobr".

Setting heap leaching. "Kazmekhanobr".





Soils tests on Bentoliner in "Kazmekhanobr".

The Department of sorption and hydrometallurgy in "Kazmekhanobr".

Semi-industrial installation testing of ores of all types on dressability. "Kazmekhanobr".

Akbakaisky the Processing plant. Developed by "Kazmekhanobr" jointly with the South African company. The capacity of 1 million/tonnes of ore per year.
The area of heap leach mine mine. "Kazmekhanobr".

The company "Saga Creek gold company" (Workshop desorption of gold).Technology and the project developed by "Kazmekhanobr".


Workshop sorption of gold in the area of heap leach mine Uzboy. Technology and the project developed by "Kazmekhanobr". The capacity of 1 million tons of ore per year.

Department ofthe pilot-scale testingof ore on leach response to "Kazmekhanobr". "Laboratory flotation machines".

Pilot-scale flotation installation testing ore on leach response capacity of 60 kg/hour. "Kazmekhanobr".

Workshop the pilot-scale testing in "Kazmekhanobr". "Windmills".

A centrifugal grinding mill, dry grinding in "Kazmekhanobr".

Dryingof gold-bearing ore samples after heap leaching in "Kazmekhanobr".

"The Hub of Nelson". The Department of crushing in "Kazmekhanobr".

"Crusher JC 5000". The Department of crushing in "Kazmekhanobr".

Special design Bureau with pilot production by "Kazmekhanobr".  "Lathe workshop".

Indicators of hydrocyanic acid. "Kazmekhanobr".

Experimental setup for the study of the main components in occipitoparietal sulfide raw materials in electro-membrane reactor.

The water treatment plant using a polymer filter elements. "Kazmekhanobr".

Sulfuric acid plant with a capacity of 500 tons per hour in the Zhanakorgan district of Kyzylorda region. Built under the project of "Kazmekhanobr".

"Refinery" (The Affinage of plant) in Astana city.           The Project made in "Kazmekhanobr".
Waste processing plant in Astana city. Built under the project of "Kazmekhanobr". The processing plant, chrome ore "Sunrise"     Khromtau city. The Project made in "Kazmekhanobr".